Mathematics T Coursework Answers

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The syllabus has changed quite a lot, with the 4 chapters of statistics removed and placed in Mathematics T, some 10 chapters remained with minor changes, and the addition of quite a lot of University level Mathematics.

Unfortunately, this syllabus only lasted for 2 years: the Malaysian Examination Council has decided that Further Mathematics will not be offered as an STPM subject anymore with effect from May 2014. Q: Do you plan to update your blog, or reorganize to suit the new syllabus?

You will lose far more than you will gain by this quick fix. If you are able to do the work, but you are just too lazy or too busy, you must change your priorities.

If you are somehow able to convince someone else to do your own work — or even if you are able to pay somebody to do it — it is the wrong thing to do, and it will set you up for deceit in everything you do in life.

Yes, I know it’s not fun, but by not doing your own work, you may never learn the basics of what you need to succeed in math — or in life.

Without a proper foundation, school will only get more difficult as you progress in your studies. TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK, do the following: PRO TIP: There is no honor in getting a good grade if you did not earn it.

My professor sets tough questions for homework (around 10 per week).

The difficulty is such that if I attempt the questions entirely on my own, I usually get stuck for over 2 hours per question, with no guarantee of succeeding.

He got an A for it, and it inspired me to work harder.

You can also check out the Further Mathematics T Facebook Page for more help from seniors etc.


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