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You won’t necessarily be expected to be on active duty for this entire period, but the details depend on the individual role you’re being trained to fill.

For incoming college freshmen who want to join ROTC right away, the scholarship application process occurs during the senior year of high school.

As with many other scholarships, if you receive an ROTC scholarship, you’ll be required to maintain a certain level of academic performance, and to continue making appropriate progress toward your bachelor’s degree.

In most cases, ROTC programs require that you finish your degree within four years.

The term of service associated with ROTC enrollment represents a very serious agreement, and as we’ll discuss later in this post, you’ll be expected to follow through.

The ROTC program is well known for the financial assistance it often provides to enrollees.

While not every student in ROTC receives a scholarship, and scholarship offers vary, receiving a ROTC scholarship can have a major impact upon your ability to afford a college education.

Depending upon the military branch and the individual student, an ROTC scholarship may cover all or part of the student’s tuition.

Just applying for an ROTC scholarship does not obligate you to serve in the military.

In exchange for your ROTC scholarship funding, as noted, you’ll sign a contract agreeing to serve in the military in a certain capacity for a certain period of time, which may range from three to twelve years.


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