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For organizations in the real world, decisions are made by people who have experience in doing so, and whose activities are still characterized by the heavy use of perception.We can see this with an example of an individual wanting a new program to be approved so that a present problem can be solved.While there has been extensive effort to make decisions with an objective and specific criteria, human perception will always have a marked effect on the process of decision making. Value Propositioning: Perception and Misperception in Decision Making https:// Prop/VPBook1Washington University. Perception and Individual Decision Making Wikipedia. Decision-making I've tried several writing services until this point, and they were all horrible.

For example, a manager who hates discrimination in eh workplace may be more incline to promote people from ethnic minorities, and a Christian publishing house may have members who strongly resist capricious content in new publications.

As such, our ethical principles will also have a very large influence on what we think is right and wrong, which can be a detriment to embracing new ideas and policies. It represents in no small way the subjective and irrational consciousness of man, which can either be a compliment to rational models, or a detriment.

One of the most effective ways for an individual's perception (and hence decision making) to make a mark upon the behavior of an organization, is by using selective perception, whereby the person in question makes perceptive shortcuts, ignoring certain information which they believe is not relevant (Wikipedia, 2006). For example, an individual who believes that environmental concern is simply the result of overblown activism and lobbying of ecological organizations may be more incline to make decisions that do not consider environmental impacts.

Selective perception in this case can be seen as wishful thinking, where someone only wants to see the positives and not the negatives, which can alter other peoples' perceptions through interaction (Wikipedia, 2006).

The above case mentioned exemplifies the shortcut of projection, where one person is judged due to the performance of someone of a similar background, even if these two people have little in common.

Making Better Choices Essay

Stereotyping as similar to projection but at a much larger scope, and occurs when pre-formed templates are applied to all the descriptive of a given individual, such as faith, ethnicity, nationality, race etc.I lived and breathed basketball twenty-four hours a day; it was as if basketball was my best-friend.My dedication and love for basketball was over the edge.Solving the problem means coming up with a convincing proposition that holds merit and value, but the proposition will not be a success unless the person making the decision really perceives the nature of the problem.For example, a company will not go ahead with a new IT system which improves data processing, unless the current system can be found to be suitably inadequate.It does not matter whether the generalization or bias is positive or negative, the inaccurate evaluation of a person due to perceptive shortcuts can reduce effectiveness of decision makers, and their ability to deal with reality and make the best decisions based on this reality.Instead of perceptive shortcuts, good decision making should be the result of implementing rational models, which involve adequate evaluation, which a clear and objective criterion for the assessment of any decisions that are made, and end in a rational set of objectives that lead from this criteria.Dove also states that people are not very willing to go outside of their comfort zone, or to adopt radically new strategies when it comes to new alternatives.This behavior will always limit the options available for improving situations and solving issues.A change is a natural process that everyone experiences in life.An alteration can be for the best or even for the worse; you cannot really tell the outcome before it occurs.


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