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I can not help expecting that the vol- which were of a far more dubious character than his own with Mr. He had a strong relish for Pope's celebrated pasquinade ; which, in its own rather questionable class, he held to be inferior only to Voltaire's Dia- tribe of Doctor Akakia.

I had half performed my task at five." And again, on the 4th of August, " I went on with the Somnauth speech, which is among my very best. Lansdowne, Lord, letter to, on appointment to the Indian Council, i., 305.

It made a great revolution." 308 LIFE AND LETTERS OF [CHAP. Yizetelly's publication appeared that his victim knew the full extent ef the injury which had so gratuitously been inflicted upon him.

* In January, 1853, he notes in his journal : " I got from Westbourne Terrace a copy of my Education minute of 1835, and was pleased to see it again after eighteen years. At all events, it will, I really think, deserve success." It was not until Mr. "LADY'S LAST STAKE," the, great admira- tion for, ii., 355.

They all lie within the compass of seven or eight pages. Jeffrey's contribution to the Edinburgh Re- view, ii., 134.

" These samples," he goes on to say, " will probably be found sufficient. The pre- paring of this edition will occupy me two or three hours a day during my holiday. Letter, importunate, disgusting, received, ii., 158. I therefore, much against my will, de- termined to give a revised and corrected edition. A one-page glossary in the back provides a quick reference for architectural terms found in the text.The book also introduces the social structure, materials, and working conditions of the medieval trade guilds. /i ^, \ ^ \ THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF LOED MACATJLAY .-i THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF LOED MACAULAY a . " I can not permit myself to be exhibited in this ridiculous and degrading manner for the profit of an unprincipled man. Now, it is impossible to ex- amine Lord Macaulay's journals and correspondence without being persuaded that the. His early letters, with much that relates to the whole course of his life, have been preserved, studied, and ar- ranged by the affectionate industry of his sister, Miss Macau- lay ; and material of high interest has been intrusted to my hands by Mr. Old members recollect how, if ever he was seen standing behind the Speaker's chair, some friend or acquaintance would undertake the easy task of drawing him into conversation; and very soon the space around him was as crowded as during the five minutes which precede a stand-and-fall division. But I have unfortunately had an editor whose only object was to make a few pounds, and who was willing to sacrifice to that object my reputation and his own." & * * * * # . An editor who had the smallest regard for truth, or for the fame of the person whose speeches he had undertaken to publish, would have had recourse to the various sources of information which were readily; accessible, and, by collating them, would have produced a book which would at least have contained no abso- lute nonsense. I wrote with spirit, as it seemed to me, and made a speech very like the real one in language, and in substance exactly the real one. The ' History ' is quite a different mat- ter." The day after his arrival at Tunbridge Wells he fell to work, transcribing every speech from beginning to end, at the rate of from nine to fifteen printed pages a day. I sent eight or nine answers, and then employed myself upon the Reform speech of July the 5th, 1831. I could not go out ; for the rain was falling by pailfuls, and the wind blowing a hurricane. Leeds, farewell address to his constituents at, i., 316.


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