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Giving kids as many tools as possible will set them up for success so that you can “let them loose” and see their creative minds work and explore.To continue my series on teaching kids to problem solve, today I’m going to discuss problem solving by making a list.Here’s another example problem: Using a tree diagram is a great way to keep the information organized, especially if you have kids who struggle with keeping track of their list: Then it is very easy for students to see that there are 9 different outfit combinations. Each week I send an email with fun and engaging math ideas, free resources and special offers.

Giving kids as many tools as possible will set them up for success so that you can “let them loose” and see their creative minds work and explore.

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No one wants to just sit and stare at the paper hoping solutions will pop into their brain.

Organizing the information in a logical way keeps you on track and ensures that all the possible solutions will be found.

We can't expect students to solve every problem with numbers. Most of the time they will move around in the steps as they refine their thinking and their solutions.

Children need to experience how to deal with math problems on their own terms and in concrete ways before moving to the abstract.

Instead of relying on calculators, students learn strategies that can improve their concentration and estimation skills while building number sense.

And, while there are educators who oppose math “tricks” for valid reasons, proponents point to benefits such as increased confidence to handle difficult problems.As I’ve mentioned many times, one of the main goals in mathematics education is to raise up confident problem solvers.And while there are many ways to go about solving math problems, and we as adults may often see strategies as common sense, these are things that need to be taught.Most will feel that 500 is a simpler number than 567.So, they just have to take away 67 from the minuend — 567 — and the subtrahend — 153 — before solving the equation.They have 3 different flavors (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry), but also have 4 different toppings (nuts, whipped cream, chocolate candies and gummy bears).If you just start listing different possibilities without any kind of structure, you’re bound to get lost in your list and miss something.There are different ways to organize information, but the idea is to exhaust all the possibilities with one part of your list before moving on.For example, say you’re trying to figure out all the different combinations of ice cream toppings at your local ice cream shop.Problem solving strategies must keep the focus on the "thinking" that is occurring.Math is often about a variety of skills and processes, but how we creatively use those skills is what leads us to finding solutions for difficult situations.


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