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It reflects the world of men and books which Leibniz knew; it expresses the theological setting of metaphysical speculation which still predominated in the first years of the eighteenth century.

Gerhardt's Edition of the Collected Philosophical Works, 1875-90 Open [Logo] Court La Salle, Illinois 61301 * * * * * [Logo] OPEN COURT and the above logo are registered in the U. This edition first published 1951 by Routledge & Kegan Paul Limited, London. But he was incapable of looking at the objects of any special enquiry without seeing them as aspects or parts of one intelligible universe.

Published 1985 by Open Court Publishing Company, Peru, Illinois 61354. Not at all--he felt a lively concern for theological debate, he was a mathematician of the first rank, he made original contributions to physics, he gave a realistic attention to moral psychology.

It would be an embarrassing task to open an approach to Leibnitian metaphysics from the present metaphysical position, if there is a present position.

If we want an agreed starting-point, it will have to be historical.


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