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Darwin Skeptics A Select List of Science Academics, Scientists, and Scholars Who are Skeptical of Darwinism Compiled by Jerry Bergman Ph D.

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I estimate that, if I had the time and resources, I could easily complete a list of over 10,000 names.

I am also a member of three discussion groups involving over to 400 creationists and Intelligent Design (ID) advocates, many of whom are not included in this list because of their justifiable concern that revealing their sympathies in this area could adversely impact their careers.

I contacted most of those on this list but, if they have published books or articles that clearly express doubts about Darwinism, or were active in various creation or ID movements, I did not always contact them.

Most of the following worldwide scientists and educators (by the time this list was published some may be deceased) all reject “Darwinism” according to the following definition: The belief that evolution and common decent can account for the existence of all life.

plants, animals and everything else descended from a common ancestor” (Jones, 2000, pp. Other writers avoid the words “all” or “no scientist” and claim instead that “almost no scientist” rejects Darwinism as defined above. Special Creation.” The American Biology Teacher, January, pp.

In an article refuting “wiccan creationism,” the author claimed that evolutionary theory has been confirmed to such a high degree and has such great explanatory power that it is the central organizing principle of the biological sciences today. Joseph Mc Inerney, the director of Evolution is well-nigh universally accepted by all scientific men as the best explanation for the facts of life. The American Association for the Advance of Science with over 1400 members, comprising most of the scientific men of the United States and Canada, affirmed, in December, 1922, without a dissenting vote, the following: “No scientific generalization is more strongly supported by thoroughly tested evidences than is that of evolution. a research scientist, earned a BS and MS in Physics, and a Ph. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Toronto for his research in accelerator mass spectrometry. is Professor Emeritus of Surgery of George Washington University and Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D. He received his premed degree (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Missouri and his M. He is most well known for heading the surgical team that saved the life of President Ronald Reagan and the bypass operation on Vice President Dick Cheney. He has a BS from Delaware Valley College in Doylestonwn, PA in Biology and a MS from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL in Ecology and Ornithology (Zoology). John Leo Abernethy Ph D Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Fresno State University and former Associate of the Journal of Chemical Education. Ashtaroth’s claim is exactly the opposite of the truth, which is that “almost no scientist puts any stock in any other attempted explanation for the diversity of life—especially creationism” ( May 28, 2004, p. The statue is in bronze and Anthony Smith is the sculptor. Mayr defines evolution, which he calls “Darwinism,” as the rejection of all supernatural phenomena and causations. This is but a small percentage of the estimated 113,000 Darwin Skeptic scientists and academics in the United States alone, accordingly to a Harvard researcher (Gross and Simmons, 2006). Foreword to Process and Pattern in Evolution by Terrell H. © Copyright Sebastian Ballard and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike 2.0 Generic License. The late Ernst Mayr, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology at Harvard University, is “one of the most influential evolutionary theorists of our time” (Ferris, 2001, p. Mayr declared that “no educated person any longer questions the validity of the so-called theory of evolution, which we now know to be a simple fact” (Mayr, 2001, p. He has been claiming this for over 40 years—in 1967 he wrote that “evolution is accepted by every scientist” and for this reason it is no longer necessary to “enumerate painstakingly the proofs for evolution” (Mayr, 1967, p. In 1971, Mayr claimed that he did “not know of a single well-informed person who questions the factuality of evolution” (Mayr, 1971, p. The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the adaptedness and diversity of the world solely materialistically. Evolutionary biologist of Brandt University Dr Gary Huxley wrote “Evolution is a fact and no educated scientist doubts it” (quoted in Mc Dorman, 2011, p. Yet, in spite of these claims, I was able to with little difficulty assemble a list of almost 3,000 scientists and professors who reject Darwinism as defined as variation caused by mutations plus natural selection ultimately accounts for all life forms, most of whom hold a Ph. Yet, Mayr admitted evolution is an historical, Evolutionary biology, in contrast with physics and chemistry, is a historical science—the evolutionist attempts to explain events and processes that have already taken place. Special Creation.” The American Biology Teacher, January, pp. For example, Samuel Kounaves argues evolutionary naturalists include “99.9999 percent of the scientific community” (Kounaves 2005, p. The sources for the members of this list include primarily persons of my acquaintance, from their involvement in creationist or Darwin Doubter organizations, or books that they have written. The list is very incomplete, and I apologize for the many omissions. Modern biology is basically unthinkable outside of the context of evolution and that is why it is accepted without reservations by pretty much every working scientists [sic] in the life sciences. It also isn’t really questioned in the other natural sciences, either, like physics or chemistry.. The book in his right hand is Alexander von Humboldt’s Personal Narrative – the book that triggered Darwin’s desire to travel and observe the natural history of far away places.


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