Interaction Design Research Papers

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An experiment was conducted in a usability laboratory.

Data from 35 participants are collected on a set of measures for user interactions.

(2005) Dealing with User Experience and Affective Evaluation in HCI Design: A Repertory Grid Approach, Workshop Paper, CHI 2005, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 2-7, Portland, Oregon. (2004) Design oriented-research versus Research-oriented Design, Workshop Paper, CHI 2004 Workshop on Design and HCI, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2004, April 24-29, Vienna, Austria. (2003) In Romance with the Materials of Mobile Interaction: A Phenomenological Approach to the Design of Mobile Information Technology, Doctoral Thesis, ISSN 1401-4572, RR.03-04, ISBN 91-7305-578-6, Umea University, Sweden: Larsson & Co:s Tryckeri. (2001) Towards Embodied Mobile Support of Industrial Service and Maintenance: A Report of the Activities in the First Part of the Project, Internal Report, Umea Center for Interaction Technology (UCIT), Umea University Institute of Design, S-901 87, Umea, Sweden. (1999) Flygunderhall under forandring: Tva forslag till studier av IT-stod for flygtekniker [in Swedish], Working Paper WP-99.02, Institutionen for informatik, Umea universitet, Sweden.

Three operational DLs: ACM, IEEE CS, and IEEE Xplore are used in this study.

The study was limited mainly in the variety and the number of tasks used.

The study provided empirical evidence to the effects of interaction design features in DLs on user interactions and performance. (2008), "Effects of interaction design in digital libraries on user interactions", Journal of Documentation, Vol.


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