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Can it be applied to “big picture” elements like plot and theme?These are the questions we tackle in this episode of the show.There will be two-hour meetings once a week (18 contact hours in all) which will include discussions, exercises, craft lectures and workshops.

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“Students get really involved with creative writing inside the classroom.

They asked for something like this and we made it happen.” The Creative Writing Club meets once a month on Fridays and offers students a chance to not only sharpen their skills as writers, but do so while interacting with a diverse peer group.

I want build that context that writing can take place whenever or wherever.” The Creative Writing Club is in its first year as an extracurricular at Valor Academy.

Across KIPP DC’s network of middle schools, student council, boys and girls basketball, and choir are a few of the many extracurricular opportunities available to students.

Each middle school principal works with students and families to decide what extracurriculars are best for their school.

Writing it not merely an act of recording, but a process of discovery.They’ll get to name it and design the cover and all of that.” The School Culture Champion grant is part of KIPP DC’s commitment to fostering successful and ambitious school cultures by investing in innovative teacher-led projects.In addition to publishing Valor Academy’s first literary magazine, Ms.“One of the aspects that works the best for the club is how diverse we are,” said Ms.Love “We have kids from all grade levels, general education, and special education interacting with one another.Defamiliarization is the technique of making the familiar seem strange so that our readers experience something in a new way, from a new angle, and gain a new understanding of it.The term “defamiliarization” was coined by Russian critic and writer Viktor Schklovsky in his 1925 essay “Art as Technique” in which he explores what distinguishes art from what is not art. Traditional defamiliarization is describing an object as if we are seeing it for the first time, or an event as if it were happening for the first time. II – “Big Picture” Defamiliarization Brad discusses Don De Lillo’s in which he explores how writers are like terrorists.The Creative Writing major at Roanoke College provides students with the inspiration, the skills, and the dynamic community to analyze and create great writing.Because we believe "creativity" defines not just a person's own ability to write but also the ability to read and understand the writing of another.The Creative Writing Club at KIPP DC Valor Academy offers middle school students the opportunity to improve their abilities as writers in a positive and nurturing environment.Led by English Language Arts Special Education teacher Hannah Love, the club’s establishment sprang from the enthusiastic response students had to creative writing when teaching.


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