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However, one must be careful not to sound highbrow while writing these essays.Avoid assuming that the reader is acquainted with the same level of expertise as you are, unless of course you are writing for your own pleasure.

Here, you need to begin with the person's early life, and move on to chronicle the individual's achievements.

Pepper your essay with important snippets about the personality, that will make it an interesting read.

Furthermore, they are capable of doing extensive research and learning interesting things from diverse sources.

One way that high school students can express their expertise while also practicing the writing process is by writing informative essays.

Of course, as you go on writing, you begin to form your own style, leaving your imprint on it.

It goes without saying that writing informative essays requires thorough research.

Informative essays follow an essay structure while offering information from research and personal knowledge about a specific topic.

They sometimes include more personal reflection on the topic than a traditional research paper would, but their major focus is on informing the reader about the topic.

Probably the most interesting category, Science and Technology has topics that manage to intrigue everyone.

From ways to recover data from corrupted hard drives to space missions, this is a very broad category.


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