How To Solve Word Problem

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Enhancing Creativity: One of the unique features of the math word problem is to accrue to the students to be more creative towards their approach to the problem.Math problem solving enables them to be more logical towards life and effectively handle it.You can also ask your child to close his eyes and try to picture what’s happening in the problem.

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How you can help: Ask the teacher to help you make index cards with phrases that are commonly used in word problems.

For example, one index card might show “in all” next to the “ ” sign.

To translate a word problem into a number sentence, your child has to understand the language and concepts of math.

He has to know that being asked “How many pencils in all?

Kids have to translate these phrases into what teachers refer to as “a number sentence.” Here’s an example of a word problem and the number sentence your child needs to come up with to solve it: Word problem: “Sue has two pencils.

How To Solve Word Problem

She spends one hour at the store and buys three more pencils. ” Number sentence: “2 3 = ____.” Some kids can picture a number sentence like this one in their heads. Either way, there’s a lot your child has to think about before getting to the point where he can calculate that the answer is 5.

Mathematics is not just about numerical but understanding of the fundamental logic behind it and proceeding towards solving the problem.

The interactive whiteboard used equips the tutor to explain the underlying logic behind the problem, hence, converting them to logical thinkers.

This kind of accommodation can help while you work with the school to assess your child’s reading difficulties and find ways to address them using different teaching methods.

If your child still struggles when you read him word problems, he may be having trouble understanding the phrases in word problems that clue students in to what they need to do with numbers.


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