Homework Excuses That Work

Homework Excuses That Work-35
Or perhaps you simple lacked the time to work on that school project.There are many reasons why college students miss deadlines with their homework.

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“The thieves have grabbed my briefcase in the morning while I was walking in school.

We fought and fought, the briefcase opened, everything fell from it. Among the textbooks they took was a math notebook with my written assignment”.

We’ve all been there: not doing our homework and then struggling to figure out a way to get away with it.

The problem is that your teachers have seen it all probably.

All of those “extra-curricular” activities are good but if you stop using them as excuses for not doing homework that would be even better.

It sounds like you need a time for important things in your life and the school with its homeworks definitely doesn’t fit in the scheme of things.

Before we get to the list of excuses for not doing homework, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you are in this situation in the first place.

The problem with homework is that you probably receive tons of it every semester.

They plot whole stories to produce a proper effect on the teacher.

Sometimes it goes too far: The animals are proudly leading the chart of “why i didn’t do my homework” excuses. Then why don’t you try the following: Another variation of forgetfulness the students are inclined to.


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