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Everyone should look upon there parents as a hero because they make you what you are today.I choose my parents for lots of reasons, only a select few of which have I the space to describe here. First, you need to make your essay as personal as possible.

Would I be such a fan of sports & wrestling if my father hadn't been one of the biggest wrestling fans I knew as a young child?

If he hadn't taught me fair play, and introduced athletics to me, helped me with them, let me develop in them at my own pace, and shown me that one must work hard in order to achieve and perform better, would I follow sports, or have the desire to put in the time running, practicing, and lifting weights that is needed to perfect the imperfections and become successful.

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Undoubtedly, you should provide personal details to the writer.

Some things about me I can link directly to my parents and not to anyone else.

For instance, would I use computers as much as I do today with out My Father's interest in them?

I would never have joined so many high school sport teams and enjoyed games purely for sport if it wasn't for my father ...

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You should write an essay about a hypothetical person you have just created in your mind.

You should be very personal in your writing, talk about your past experiences, future plans, or current aspirations.


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