Hero Essay Lesson Plan

Hero Essay Lesson Plan-23
Students will explore the intricate layers of the anti-hero- a character that lies somewhere between the points of a “hero” and a “villain” on the heroic scale.They will formulate their own questions using the Four Questions Protocol and debate this character's morality through a Socratic Seminar.Give students time to research the hero, their causes, and their actions.

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Post student videos and web sites to your school web site or to a video sharing community for wider distribution.

If student heroes center on a subject or career, like biology, connect with a local university or even a local biotech company to be the audience for student work.

Extension weeks are folded into the pacing of a unit in order to provide teachers with an extra week to revisit material, to continue teaching a longer text, to introduce a new text, or to plan for direct Regents instruction.

Real-world heroes do not have to wear a cape, have spider-like senses or possess special powers.

Have students choose a hero they would like to celebrate.

You might focus their choices in a specific area, like science or math, or have them choose a hero in your community.They should return to the research process to find media that supports their ideas.This might include first-person video interview segments, photographs, images they will use as models for their own illustrations, and so on.Often times we use the words “hero” and “idol” interchangeably when referring to someone famous. Provide short essays, videos, or news articles of people from both categories.Engage students in a conversation of some of the most famous heroes of the past and present.If students create videos, web pages, or booklets about a family hero, burn them to CD for the students to present as a gift.You could have a tech-savvy team of students create a kiosk interface to each of the projects and display the student work in a local museum or at City Hall (this would work great for a community heroes project, and you should be able to easily secure grant funding to cover the cost of the kiosk for this type of project).Once a narrative has been composed, have students decide what type of product they will create to showcase their hero.Then, students should decide which pieces of the narrative they will use to direct their work.This unit revisits literary analysis and begins to prep students using the cold-read assessment of the Text Analysis Essay.By the end of the unit, students will be creative with content and demonstrate their knowledge of the anti-hero by applying it to a real-world figure and arguing that he/she is deserving of empathy.


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