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I consider my best essays to be the ones in which I wasn’t afraid to be myself.Gathering recommendations: I contacted my references well in advance, shared with them templates, and let them know deadlines.Photography enables me to live through an experience more meaningfully and alleviate the feeling that Vladimir Nabokov described as “the impossibility of assimilating, swallowing all the beauty in the world.” My photo project about Japan was published for the first time in September 2016 issue of L’Officiel Voyage, a travel magazine.

Fit with HEC is an important component of the process, and it is gauged through behavioral questions. The place was a little uncomfortable and the outdoor seating was not helping at all.

The interview happened in a coffee shop that was close to the interviewer’s office. He briefed me about the process and then we went straight into it. It was not a very pleasant weather to have a grilling talk with an alum of over 20 years experience. B) was a Director with UBS and had graduated over 10 years ago from HEC.

I was afraid to sound pretentious or pathetic while failing to be candid and insightful.

I managed to find a cure to this block when I decided to express my ideas, hopes, and feelings without regard to templates and perfect model essays.

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Describe yourself in 15 words or less: A Vietnamese girl with a Russian soul.

Constantly vacillating between relentless idealism and pragmatism.

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam/ Moscow, Russia Fun Fact About Yourself: An investment banker and a photographer in disguise at once.

Every time I take a camera it feels like if I just took a dance class for the first time.


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