Harley Davidson Erp Case Study Analysis

Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 17(7). Company Background Harley-Davidson's mission statement is to "fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments." (Harley Davidson, 1999). Expanding product sales into international markets such as India, China, and other European and Asian countries. The threats of both the hackers have been increased with the software of the enterprise resource planning (EP) (Holsbeck and Johnson, 2004). [Read More] This gave each member of the group a sense of affiliation within the group. Explain how the models are employed and how they result in strategic alignment. Also, suggest models that would make a better impact for your organizational goals and objectives. This analysis will look at some of the industry trends that have occurred and make recommendations on Harley can continue to develop its iconic American brand. Transitioning itself into a global brand connecting with other cultures. Therefore, strict prevention measures should be taken to avoid such situations. The mechanistic structure relies on the abilities of management, and the training of the workforce to ensure that they…… I would focus of building a lasting brand that resonates with consumers as oppose to simply competing based on price. [Read More] References: 1) Bach, Sharon; Ostermann, Ken, eds. The Legend Begins: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles 1903 -- 1969. Its continuous integration has not succeeded in eliminating the threat of hackers who are either the insiders or enter through the perimeter security. Because of this affiliation then each member of the group felt as if they had some power. Retrieved from Company Mission, Vision, Stakeholders Strategic management starts vision mission. Informational technology departments are often difficult for management to govern in ways that facilitate overall organizational goals.

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Today, it is the most recognized motorcycle brand in America and the rest of the world. The company has now begun targeting other audiences as a means of sustaining sales levels. Retrieved February 5, 2012 from issue_journal/harley-davidson_marketing_an_american_Hagerty, J. Harley, with macho intact, tries to court more women. Retrieved February 5, 2012 from Davidson 2010 Annual Report. The company had a very high degree of customer intimacy, fostering brand loyalty. Advertising and marketing efforts should be made to reach these customers and to create a company image distinct from the male-centered image of Harley-Davidson. Glock and their innovation in polymer pistols and firearms revolutionized the industry in the 1980s, yet S&W was able to regain their market share by working with distributors, dealers and…… In these "themed flagship brand stores" offering "spectacular environments… Violence was common with this particular group, and in an effort to frighten and "intimidate" police, prison guards were killed by Hells Angel members in 1997.

Since its inception, Harley-Davidson has been setting remarkable records with its top quality motorcycles for miles per gallon, speed, racing, distribution strength, etc. The company's demographic is usually wealthy, since the bikes are not primary means of transportation for most riders. Arguably, Harley excelled at all three in those days. This group currently stands at eight percent and has tremendous capacity for improvement as female salaries come onto a more equal footing with men in the years ahead. Available Substitute Products There is an abundance of substitute products as the handgun marketplace is fragmented with nine different manufacturers, each with between 5% to 14% market shares. Consumers are crafting their own unique image as they choose, consciously, to 'brand' themselves. From Navigating America: Information In fact, he did time in jail while he was the leader for arms possession and hijacking.

Harley Davidson is a good example of this -- most of the brand's core target market consists of successful, middle-aged men, a market that in reality embodies little of what it hopes the brand reflects back on them. The company should focus on advertising in these developing markets, ensuring supply distribution and sales access to these customers and creating a marketing image that will appeal to these first-time buyers. As a result most people are generally considered to be members of multiple tribes however not all tribes are considered to be of equal importance by tribe members.

The brand "personality" by this understanding is not necessarily the same thing as the personality of the target audience, however. First, as more people enter the middle class in Brazil, China and India they will be interested in acquiring the aspirational trappings of middle class lifestyle in North America, Europe and Asia. Therefore there can be traditional tribal communities where people engage in face-to-face communication as well as there can be virtual tribes of people who share information online.

BMC produces sport bikes, consisting of 5 v-twin XB models and the single-cylinder Buell Blast. Leveraging on its manufacturing capabilities, Polaris was able to begin developing a prototype for……

BMC likewise provides a line of bike parts, add-ons, clothing and basic product.

The Motor Company produces heavyweight bikes and provides a line of motorbike parts, devices, garments and basic product. In 1998, it might have cost a little more to hire good web development talent, but overall, this is a low cost means of engaging with consumers relative to, say, producing a television commercial and airing it. [Read More] References: Kiang, M., Raghu, T., Shang, K. Marketing on the Internet -- Who can benefit from an online marketing approach? Victory was a confidential codename for the project, and it is Parks who came up with the name. Does a differentiation strategy lead to more sustainable financial performance than a cost leadership strategy?

The Motor Company produces 5 styles of motorbikes: Touring, Dyna Glide, Softail, VSC and Sportster. esearch indicated that there was room for another competitor to enter the market especially in the cruiser business that was currently dominated by the Japanese producers and Harley-Davidson.

Personality by definition implies personhood, something an abstract concept like a brand cannot have. Since then they have grown to production of about 500 balloons per year, with a market share of about 70% of those produced in the United Kingdom. facility the company produces over 1 balloon per day, and averages almost M in annual sales. Guided Tour of the Cameron Balloons Virtual Factory. Analyzing the Internal Environment General Environment Demographic -- Ducati has a diverse customer base…… Marketing Evidence of the Trend's Emergence Examples of the New Trend Virtual Tribes Tribal Marketing Implications for Industry Leveraging the Tribal Trend Tribal marketing is an approach that organizes target markets into various groups or tribes.

Retrieved March 23, 2012 from Harley Davidson I believe that the idea of brands having a personality is little more than hyperbolic anthropomorphism. Harley, with macho intact, tries to court more women. [Read More] Works cited: Mc Ierney, Claire Regina, and Day, Ronald E., "Rethinking Knowledge Management: From Knowledge Artifacts to Knowledge Processes," (Springer, ) Wit, Bob, and Meyer, Ron, "Strategy: Process, Content, Context, An International Perspective," (Cengage Learning EMEA, 2010) Cameron Balloons is a British company established in 1971 that primarily manufactures hot air balloons. he following analysis will investigate possible strategies for the company over the next 5 years. "Tribal marketing: The tribalisation of society and its impact on the conduct of marketing." European Journal of Marketing (2002): 595-620.


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