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Moreover, creating a blueprint for the times ahead encourages a person to save money for investment in future projects, be it their business goals or their children’s education.Also this preserved money could help them in their difficult times that may be destined ahead in their life.

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A lot of unanswered questions, during their childhood, are being answered at this stage of life.

Moreover, learning this way becomes an art for them.

SAT Essay Happiness 11-15-13 The meaning of happiness is contentment and satisfaction. The problem is many turn to material possessions to reach that goal. Positive and loving relationships with family and friends fill me with a sense of contentment and satisfaction.

Even if that new car, diamond ring or cute outfit makes a person happy, it will be short lived and will leave them longing for the next high. Spending time with them provides me with more happiness than material possessions.

For instance, my friend succeeded in IAS exam recently because he planned for this career well in advance at high school itself.

Hence, this is a fact beyond suspicion that people who plan ahead are the ones who really taste the fruit of success.They are there for us when times are good, and there for us when times are tough.When we are provided with unconditional love and intimacy through these relationships we experience true happiness.To sum up, I can say that every phase of life is equally important and cherish able depending upon the state of mind. It says there must be a clear opinion but there is nothing to say it has to be in the conclusion.It is however, rightly said, “teenage is the best age” since dreams start penetrating only in this stage & start accomplishing in the adult stage. The start is ok, though it is a good idea to repeat it at the end.Although there is always a peer pressure of exams, making career and future job, they somehow manage to enjoy with their friends of schools or colleges.Secondly, teenage is the age of learning and discovering exciting things which the young ones enjoy to do.It is being inferred that when you have started earning and living independently, a sense of belongingness towards the family gives a sigh of relief to the adult ones. Example, schools in US allow students to have a leap year before going to college, to travel maybe, ...Moreover, being into adult phase itself is a feeling of happiness. You should spend some time to come up with examples to make yourself persuasive. You may be told to do that with a traditional essay at university, but you need to go with the IELTS grading criteria.If we take the time to recognize them, we will see these moments everywhere.A sunrise, a sunset, or a sweet smell of a rose can give instant gratification.


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