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This is especially so since in all organizations, most of the monumental decisions which can make or break or make the organization are made by individual top managers.Individuals are more likely to arrive at prudent decision for the organization.

This change has been precipitated by the adoption of flatter structures by organizations; a move which has resulted in more group participation in the decision making process.Research indicates that groups are likely to make greater risks in decision making that an individual would (Rothwell, 2012).This is because the consequences of a wrong decision to a group may not be as severe as they may be to an individual.Group decision making involves the members of the group trying to reach an optimal solution by considering the input of the group members.The group members come from varying background and may have differing perspectives and ways of doing things.There is increased pressure on individual members of a group to conform in group decision making.This is because some groups require some levels of uniformity for decisions to be successfully arrived at.The quality of the decisions made by the group is higher than that of an individual and it is also likely to be more accurate.Arguably the most notable demerit of group decision making is the amount of time consumed in coming up with a decision.The primary objective of decision making is to choose the most effective and efficient solution among alternatives.Positive theory proposes that a chosen course of action is made from the presumption that it will bring about the desired results for the organization (Gastil, 2010).


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