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In 1915, Albert Einstein was already famous for his amazing contributions to physics. One year later, Einstein himself proposed the first cosmological solution.In 1918 the correct formula for the emission of Gravitational waves…

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” Dr Chan’s award-winning essay discusses and tests one of the most popular versions of modified gravity, the Emergent Gravity.

It showed that the Emergent Gravity theory can simultaneously explain the tight correlations in galaxies and galaxy clusters, which suggests that it is a good theory to challenge the standard particle dark matter paradigm in astrophysics.

A journey throughout a vast land, from the GPS of our mobile phones to the behaviour of galaxies, passing by satellites, stars, black holes and the recently detected gravitational waves.

To visit all thiswe count with a number of fictional characters that will guide us through the scientific contents.

When a positively charged impurity is placed inside a cold metal, the resulting charge density around that object exhibits characteristic ripples to negative values, known as Friedel oscillations.

In this essay, we describe a somewhat analogous effect in (i) linearized higher-derivative gravity and (ii) linearized infinite-derivative "ghost-free" gravity: when a gravitational impurity (point particle) is placed in Minkowski vacuum, the local energy density $\rho \equiv G_\xi^\mu \xi^\nu$ (with $\xi=\partial_t$) exhibits oscillations to negative values.

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Alessio Belenchia, Flaminia Giacomini, Esteban Castro-Ruiz, Časlav Brukner, and Markus Aspelmeyer, current or ex-members of IQOQI-Vienna, won, together with their co-author Robert M.

Wald (Enrico Fermi Institute), the first prize for the Gravity Research Foundation essay competition of this year.


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