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Perhaps you have tried to make money blogging or writing before, and you get stuck with an ineffective strategy.

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QUESTION: Have you ever made money publishing a story, poem, or personal essay?

Is it just for pleasure, or do you want to make a living out of it?

Just how much money you’ll make as a writer is up to you. How To Make Money Writing—And Publishing—Poetry, Short Stories, And Personal Essays Enter creative writing contests offering cash prizes.

Many writing contests hosted by reputable organizations offer cash prizes.

When you have a collection of stories or poems to sell (rather than just a single story or poem ready for submission), you can create a product that readers may want to buy.

Just be sure your production costs (if you have any) don’t eat up your potential profit.

At Listverse, you can submit list posts packed with uncommon facts.

If you have an idea for a captivating list post that’s 1500 words long, then you can submit it and earn 0.

Poets and short story writers rarely fill their bank accounts by publishing their writing in traditional literary journal markets.

But there are some ways to make money on your poetry, short stories, and personal essays without sacrificing the quality of your writing.


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