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But it is the information hierarchy that we have — primary action and secondary action shares the same button system.We can see that the goal of this interface is for users to download the app, and that the FAQ, is a supporting document to give users a better understanding of their application Using focal point, I changed the View FAQs button interface into a border button, to give Download App button the spotlight effect it needs.Our goal should not be various font sizes with few weights for better contrast, but to have few font sizes with various weights.

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This school of psychology played a major role in the modern development of the study of human sensation and perception.

Source: verywellmind This journey of discovering Gestalt Principle led me to a full understanding of how I can incorporate these principles into my design track.

It should always be towards the right side of the screen.

For more information, you can check it here and here Yes, we all know that consistency plays a huge role in UX design but there’s what we call Consistency by Functionality.

By making these changes, we created similarity throughout the Text Icon link and made our user’s cognitive load faster.

Out of topic quick tip: In creating a Type system, choose a font that has various weights (thin, light, regular, bold etc). The book is also available in the following languages. The book is 570 pages long and is available in both printed and e book formats from German Gestalttherapie: Awareness - Dialogue - Prozess ISBN 3-9804784-0-8 EHP (Edition Humanistische Psychologie) EM 58 Tel: 0221-5304411 Fax: 0221-5302062 Postfach 32 01 73, 50795 Kln, Germany Spanish Proceso & Dialogo en Psicoterapia Gestaltica ISBN 956-242-032-9 Quatro Vientos Editorial Casilla 131 Santiago 29, Chile Fax: 011 (562) 341 3107 Tel: 011 (562) 255-8381 Portuguese Summas Editorial LTD Rua Cardoso de Almeida, 1287 05013-001 Sao Paulo, SP Brasil Tel: 0 Fax: 0 This paper, coauthored with James S. It is a slightly edited version of the 1984 chapter written jointly by Jim Simkin and myself for the third edition of Current Psychotherapies. This introductory chapter appears in Awareness, Dialogue, and Process published by The Gestalt Journal Press and was copyright in 1993 by Gary Yontef, Ph. Information about the publisher appears under each language heading.Thus if you have other design solution, feel free to comment your response. CTTO As we can see, the Category Title (Online Booking & Cruises) and Links (Learn More) are too apart from each other, which makes them look as floating elements.If we will create a wireframe out of them, it would look like this: The whole component is out of context because nothing ties together the image, title, and link. From having three individual elements floating in outer space into making them as one whole component —In our Design solution using Proximity, I removed the distance between Title, and Link by making them closer using center alignment.It says that: Based on this theorem, the two spots on the right (at the first point of the “Z” and the very end of it) are where visitors expect to take action.So there’s really no question here as to where your call-to-action belongs in terms of right or left.Thus, the Law of Similarity comes in: As our solution, I created similarity by making the text color green and adding left and right padding to our active state, so that it will be in closer proximity to the other tab, Flexible Maximizer.This Design Problem A, can be furthermore improved by redesigning it so that it can simplify user’s experience more.


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