Georgetown College Admissions Essay

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To a stranger, my decision to narrate the manner in which I approached my homework may seem ludicrous; however, to me it is a fable of freedom.

Two years ago, even two weeks ago, I would have felt the innate urge to write a poem instead of studying for an imminent test; but being the responsible student I am, I would have suppressed that Thoreauvian compulsion as I memorized the six wives of Henry the eighth.

But there are lingering questions about how such an audacious scam could go on for so long without detection at some of America’s top colleges.

The Times reported in April that documents show UCLA knew years ago there were concerns about parents pledging donations to its athletic program in exchange for their children being admitted to the university in violation of rules prohibiting such a practice.

Despite how important my college admission is to me, I don't think it appropriate, helpful or wholly insightful to recount the convoluted, unorthodox string of events that have taken place from second grade to the present.

I continue to be shaped by my upbringing; however, I have made certain that I am much more than a familial sob story.Multifaceted people sometimes write multifaceted essays. Though there is always danger in having a blurry focus, an essay that encompasses a number of topics can work if the purpose is to show the various sides of an author's personality.Alysa Hannon's essay, below, is packed with details.It is the way in which the words of Emily Dickinson can transport me into a realm of thought and reflection after an interminable day of tests and deadlines.It is the spine-chilling anticipation with which I long for November when I can start playing Nat King Cole's "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire," and the eternal ability of a star-studded sky to leave me awestricken and contentedly trivial.More than a year before the college admissions scandal investigation began, Georgetown University “discovered irregularities” in the athletic credentials of two tennis recruits, initiated a secret investigation and eventually forced coach Gordon Ernst to resign, court records show.University officials say those two athletic recruits were denied admission.From their perspectives, my subject was strategically chosen when I submitted my down payment for my community service trip to Africa last spring break.Despite the indelible mark my Malawian excursion left upon my perceptions, I have an intrinsic, unexplainable aversion to turning that experience into a Hallmark postcard.She says that her personality includes "an accumulation of quirks and nuances," and the same can be said for her essay.As is so often the case, the proof is in the details, which reveal her wide-ranging knowledge.


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