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"It's a way to routinely and consistently seek problems in your thinking." Related: How to Sharpen Your Decision-Making Skills Try these three strategies to help you think through a problem effectively. For example, if you are expanding into a new market, your purpose might be to choose the one with the greatest growth opportunity.

Once you identify your purpose, it should inform every step of your decision process.

The objective of this research was to evaluate how undergraduate research experiences impact critical thinking in animal science students.

A total of 556 undergraduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences & Industry at Kansas State University took the online Critical Thinking Basic Concepts & Understanding Test (Foundation for Critical Thinking, Tomales, CA) in Fall 2017 (baseline) and again in Fall 2018 (end line).

This online assessment is a 100-question test (1 point/question).

Of these, 507 students consented to their scores being used for research purposes, and were classified into one of three categories: 1) never conducted undergraduate research (n = 435); 2) conducted a course-based undergraduate research experience during the time period (n = 60); or 3) conducted a traditional participant-based undergraduate research experience during the time period (n = 12).

As an entrepreneur, you make decisions every day that affect the success of your products, the loyalty of your employees, and the overall health of your business.

To make the best decisions possible, you need to think critically and quickly to pick out any flaws in your processes that might harm your business.

First make sure that you're clear about what it is, articulate it for yourself and your team and make use it as a starting point, not an end point. When you face a problem, it's common to view it from only your perspective and to overlook how your clients, customers, or co-workers might see it.

“With critical thinking, it is essential to go beyond the basic skills like gathering information," Elder says. Considering the situation from only one point of view, however, can lead to products that flop or unnecessary spending.


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