Foreign Country Essay

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People generally never confess this thing, but when they are crossing the boundaries between two nations, they actually start missing their families.

Missing you small brother/sister, the food that mom makes, the smile of your dad etc can really make you go homesick. This is normal, but don’t let this feeling ruin your trip to abroad.

The best way to deal with it is to divert your mind by joining different clubs or the person can even call its family members and have a long talk, as this would refresh his or her mind and would really feed one when they feel homesick.

A person cannot do anything when it comes to the ultimate weather.

It is only with the belongings that a person can enjoy the trip, or else it would totally be ruined.

There are few suggestions through which you can counter this problem.

A bad weather can actually be a big turn off for the travellers who are travelling to different countries.

A proper good weather is something which a person desires for and would be ideal enough for the main purpose of travelling.

People take steps to avoid getting lost when they are travelling to different countries. Most of the people would freak out at this very situation and it is very normal.

Keeping maps of all the locations and destinations which they are about to travel or even memorizing the names of the streets can put you in bad pity situation, which is when the person feels LOST. One would be confident enough as they will get over it; all it requires is patience level.


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