Fast Food Business Plans

The national trend toward eating out has increased over the last 5 years.

In 1993, the amount of money spent on eating out was equal to what was spent for consumption inside the home.

This is the last market with wide open potential for growth.

Traditionally, pasta has been consumed in fine restaurants, usually in a more formal or sit-down atmosphere at high prices.

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Franchises continue to be the most secure form of small business start-up, requiring less money and less risk than a brand new venture.

The equipment necessary for the operation of Pasta Now!

will be purchased from any of the several restaurant supply companies located in the area.

The franchiser often supplies assistance, ranging from financing to hiring and training staff This plan details a fastfood franchise that specializes in quick and healthy pasta dishes.

The market demand has never been greater for food that is healthy, economically priced, and great tasting.


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