Example Of A Reference Page For A Research Paper

People you interview and then quote in your paper should not be documented in the references page.

Slight variations exist between what APA requires of each source - for example, when to use italics or capital letters - so be sure to use the APA guide to make sure you're including the right information about each source. Here are some tricks and tips that you might find helpful: Let's review.

They are also referred to as citations or references.

Throughout an APA style document, and this includes the references page, a uniform font is required (12 point Arial or Times Roman), 1-inch margins (all around), and double spacing.

If you are following a specific formatting style, such as APA or MLA, then write this title in normal text---use the same font, size and format as the rest of the paper.

If your teacher hasn't required that you use a certain style, then you can bold the title or write it in slightly larger letters. This means any book, article, website, person, pamphlet, television broadcast, movie, picture or any other resource that you discussed or quoted or that provided information you included in your essay.

The APA style actually simplifies things for all of us.

When you use an outside source to support or expand your ideas, it's necessary to give credit with an in-text citation.

The references page also must include hanging indents.

After you've written your paper and made note of every source you've cited, you're ready to create your references page.


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