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The middle aged gentleman was ignoring the world around him, concentrating on eating his Grand Slam while scrolling through something on his smart phone intently, only interrupting his reading, but never looking away from his screen, to request more coffee.The night manager came over frequently to check on the homeless man, to see if he needed anything.

The field site chosen for the completion of this project was Denny's.

Observations were made at approximately pm on 12/5/2014.

She was very polite to him, trying to coax him to order food, but he stated that he did not earn enough while begging to afford more than the cup of coffee.

She came over to ask if I needed anything, wherein I requested an additional Dr. She went to the table with the students next, wherein one held up a finger before she could say anything to them as they all continued to type frantically, afterwards all parties requested more refills on their coffee and a large plate of fries to share.

There were also two tablets turned on sitting on the table and three smart phones sitting on the table as well.

All three individuals, all males, were wearing dark blue jeans.

His shoes had several holes that had been patched over with duct tape.

His height could not be determined based on how he was sitting.

This cultural anthropological research serves to critically undertake an analysis of a sampling of life in America.

It makes observations about a variety of different aspects of American culture, with a focus on technological dependence in the American populace, while analyzing the meaning behind this dependency.


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