Essays On The Great Gatsby Symbolism

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Even the darkest, coldest place is enlightened when they are together.

Before entering the house, Daisy sees the house as vacant, but when they were in the cellar, “the gray windows disappeared as the house glowed full of light” (Fitzgerald 94).

The imagery added here, creates a more detailed picture in the reader’s mind of Gatsby’s house compared to Nick’s.

After Gatsby’s death, his empty house symbolizes his unimportance in the community. Gatsby and his money were taken advantage of by the people which reveals that he is oblivious; Not giving back to the community shows that he is selfish- only caring about Daisy.

If she had really loved Gatsby, his house would not give off a dead-like aura as Nick almost describes it as.

The joy Gatsby’s house once contained with Daisy has vanished alongside him.Gatsby is not even aware of whom attends his parties, “Sometimes they came and went without having met Gatsby at all” (Fitzgerald 41).As soon as his discovers the relationship between Nick and Daisy, he pulls Jordan aside to ask Nick invite Daisy to Nick’s house, so he can coincidently drop by.Amy Chen May 3, 2012 Block E Gatsby’s Symbolic House In literature, symbols are used to add deeper meaning to the story or hint at an emotion or attitude towards something without directly stating it.Sometimes they are obvious while other times sometimes they are hidden, regardless, they are used to enhance the story. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald uses symbolism to create a more realistic story for the reader.When Nick is about to leave West Egg, he revisits Gatsby’s house and notices that the “house was still empty…the grass on his lawn had grown as long as mine” (Fitzgerald 179) (CC).Gatsby’s willingness to host parties every week, shows his perseverance and sincerity towards Daisy.It is at Gatsby’s house where the two finally reunite.Gatsby’s house does not stand out merely because of size, but symbolizes something greater than wealth and entertainment.His elaborate house reveals the oblivious and selfish person that he is; The hardship and the fail attempt to achieve his dream are all discovered as the house turns from an extravagant house to a regular house in West Egg.


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