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They deliberated on a few resolutions such as; to ensure that one of the beaches was within easy reach, to have the beach and naval defenses, and to be within range of a fighter aircraft on the southern part of England.The first concern that needed deliberation on was the landing spot in France for a mass landing of the troops with their weapons.

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Each of the troops had their own landing beaches along the Normandy coast.

The goal was to get Germany’s unconditional surrender and destroy its armed forces if need be.

Initially, they planned to launch an attack on Europe, but there were inadequate supplies, labor and equipment, culminating to its postponement until 1994.

From the Japanese attack, the Allies had learned a few lessons that would guide them in the next operation.

Troops emanating from Canada, Britain, United States and Poland joined hands to liberate Western Europe from the Nazi control.

American General Dwight D Eisenhower led the collective force known as the Allied Expeditionary Force.They developed a strategy to mislead the Germans on how and when the attack would be.They placed fake landing crafts along the eastern coast.The leader of Soviet Russia suggested that the allies adopt two-front war to ensure that Germany was defeated since they could not maintain their army contact on two fronts.The Allies formed The Combined Chief of Staffs to assist President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill on instigating the warfare.The forces were ready for the battle and awaited the ratification from their general to proceed.One of the things that scared the allied forces was the possibility of the Germans finding out their main landing point.Several dummy tanks were intentionally put in areas with German surveillance Camerasso so that they would be captured.The allies went ahead to set up desertedcampsites along the East.The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor came before the planning of Operation Overlord.President Roosevelt of the United States anticipated to form an operation that would help in redeeming French from the Nazi’s suppression (Harrison 7).


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