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So it is reasonable to expect that the population of people with disabilities will only continue to increase. The term visual impairment includes conditions ranging from the presence of good usable vision to low vision or the absence of any sight at all – total blindness.And just as aging Baby Boomers are re-defining what it means to be middle aged or older — with all of the implications that flow from such a redefinition — the disability rights movement and its supporters are advancing a redefinition of what it means to be disabled in this society in the 21st Century. The most common conditions are associated with aging: glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

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1 Brault, Matthew W., “Americans With Disabilities: 2010,” Current Population Reports, P70-131, U. Many terms are used when people refer to visual impairment. Legal blindness defines visual conditions that, when present, connote eligibility for government or other benefits and services.

An individual who is legally blind has a visual acuity of 20/200 in the better eye with the best correction, or a visual field of no more than 20 degrees.

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The life expectancy of an infant born in America today is approximately 75 years, and by the time that infant reaches the age of 75 that horizon of longevity may well have been pushed back. 3 Data from 2005-2007 4 Center for Independence of the Disabled. Disability Matters: Unequal Treatment and the Status of People with Disabilities in New York City and New York State.

At the same time, advances in medical practice such as the development of trauma care centers and treatment of life threatening diseases tend to increase rather than decrease incidence of disability among younger persons. Visual impairment describes vision that cannot be fully corrected by ordinary prescription lenses, medical treatment, or surgery.

Art Beyond Sight has created a way for you to view paintings of some artists through the lens of their disability. Then click on a painting and then rollover it with a mouse When speaking of user ability with regard to hearing, the terms deaf and hard of hearing are the acceptable vocabulary to use.

People who have no functional hearing are considered either Deaf (upper case D), or deaf (lower case d), and people who do have some functional hearing are considered hard of hearing; the term hearing impaired is the least appropriate label.

The difference between Deaf and deaf is based on linguistics and not on the cause of deafness.

A person who is Deaf is part of a very specific subculture of people who use ASL as their means of communication; a person who is deaf is a person who grew up hearing, lost the ability to hear due to illness or injury, and communicates through spoken language.


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