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Animals shouldn’t have to live in the conditions they are forced to in circuses.The most physical abuse an animal is put through in the circus is the training they go through.The Ringling Brothers say they never beat their animals to force them to learn their routines but ASPCA found former circus employees that have reported, “Seeing animals beaten, whipped and denied food and water, all to force them to learn their routines” (Circus Cruelty).

Animals shouldn’t have to live in the conditions they are forced to in circuses.

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Paws, an organization that protects animals and helps educate people to make a better world for animals, stated, “A captive life in the circus for elephants consists of shackles measuring as little as five feet in length” (Enjoy the Circus? The chains, the elephants and other animals are forced to wear, are to make sure the animals don’t get loose but they could be put in a fenced-in area that allows them more freedom.

Paws also wrote, “Virtually 96 percent of their [circus animals’] lives are spent in chains or cages” (Enjoy the Circus? Animals are always trapped, either by their cages or by chains and leashes.

At least I never asked those questions as a kid; I just sat in the audience and enjoyed the show.

Behind the mirage of the circus performances there are animals being beaten, forced into cages, get little exercise, and they never have a choice because right from birth animals are destined to be in the circus.

When animals are let out they are alone with none of their own kind to socialize.

The lack of socialization results in endless boredom that can cause emotional stress and frustration for the animal.They should be able to rub against a tree when they want or be able to see their own kind to play around with, but circuses don’t allow animals to practice any of their natural instincts.The lack of exercise can also cause emotional stress for the animals.Animals shouldn’t have to live with such abuse day after day just to create a performance.Circus animals receive a lack of exercise when they are on the road traveling that can cause physical stress.With nothing to play with in the cages, animals get more bored.Along with the non-spacious room, animals have to deal with constantly changing climates.The frustration then can cause animals to have aggressive behavior.This aggressive behavior means trainers get attacked by the circus animals when they act out because the frustration gets too much for them to bear.All animals have different living conditions they are most comfortable at and there is no air conditioning or heating to accommodate these different comfort levels.The Washington Post investigated a case about a young lion that died from heat while aboard the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus train.


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