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To ensure their possibilities to progress hence, , consequently, they further organize their societies into a Global Society of Societies, embodying procedural principles as well.

Global peaceful interactions are possible because the international system is constructed in an anarchic environment consequently; they are committed to participate in self-help (Moravcsik, 2010).

There is a current debate to whether idealist’s approaches are truthful to IR, particularly regarding the effect on global cooperation.

It is said that Liberalism has more advantaged over realism for example, because idealism has paradigms that permit a more rigorous empirical testing against realism in the current order of the international system.

The foundation of the idealist theory of world politics can be express in the form of social actors and their motivations and their relationship between states within the international system.

The reason of humans is a core element to seek for domestic society since is believed to be the way to promote and protect their interests (human rights), idealists believe that the possible way to maintain peace between international relations it is through democracy.In spite of this, liberals said that competition in the system is substituted forby the warfare to warranty the economic stability and reduce the chances offor an economic crisis for the good of everyone.(Sevenhuijsen, 2000) Iit is comprehended, that if the global community is in anarchy, the self-regulation ofon capitalism means that state actors or non-state units must work together to make stable the international economy and establish a non-zero sum game for each national economy.Hence, thisat results in an increased global peace strategystate, which aims tofor the prevention of war.It is recognized as a current seen international order; truly states within the international system are interconnected and dependent on the international relations due the free market expansionism and liberal democracy.Nevertheless, idealists contest that arguing that states do not contest violently with another state under the interconnectedness because the costs wouldwill be greater than the benefits.The increase in free trade strengthens cooperation because it builds complex layers of economic interdependency that ensures that states cannot act aggressively without a risking the economic interdependency of members of the international system (Waever, n.d).The purpose of this essay is therefore to analyse the realistic level of idealist approach.Every theory has limitations and it cannot be claimed as fully accurate, for that reason it is also is argued that the key features of idealism stated above are realistic to an extent, there are some considerable limitations: the lack of abstraction in relation toon the concept of “good” to describe the man’s nature;.The fear of violence and wars from a governments makes the world competitive in terms of military power (Buzan, 1984).Thus, the system is dominated by the problem of insecurity, due to the competition among states, especially nownowadays that nuclear technology can create a nuclear holocaust, realists would argue.


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