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The papers had to:: Grace’s paper employs twenty-one sources and two figures; their quality and diversity—from academic journals and newspaper articles to the Neil Young song that she uses as her essay’s title—speak to both her mastery of the research process and the depth of her engagement with the course.The technical merits of Grace’s writing are also praise-worthy; her tone is academic without being inaccessible, and conveys the dramatic nature of the opioid crisis without resorting to purple prose.Readers will find that these essays contribute to larger conversations about our culture and how our social constructs have an impact on diverse groups of people living within our society.

Her use of her personal experience throughout the essay, as well as her use of outside evidence, makes this a captivating read.

Whether it’s a social commentary, a persuasive essay, or close reading, these four prize-winning student essays are useful examples of how to effectively use research and evidence to develop a claim in a variety of disciplines.

What are some current competing perspectives regarding the science of gender?

“Conserving Culture: CBPR as a Framework for Group Research” by Ondrej Maxian Students read a collection of instructor-selected journal articles that address the controversy that resulted from a study of blood specimens taken from members of the Havasupai American Indian tribe.

The writing in each demonstrates creative and critical inquiry—from a thoughtful exploration of current trends in the gender make up of computer science to an application of an old theoretical concept to illuminate new meaning in a current film to a revelation based in personal experience about the way in which doctors construct female patients’ pain.

These essays inform, inspire, and transform the reader and writer through processes of meaning-making and sharing.

USEM Essay Prizes (2016-2017) The three essays selected for the award this year represent excellent research projects that formed the culminating assignment of the University Seminar experience.

Though they all fit the generic bill of a “10-12 page research paper” they also showcase the rich variation in the way meaningful research is conducted and shared across disciplines and genres at CWRU.

The SAGES University Seminar Essay Awards highlight the best student writing produced in SAGES University Seminars each year.

The essays recognized here were selected from those nominated by SAGES faculty for this award in academic year 2016-2017.


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