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You also include a paragraph presenting the opposing viewpoint and reason why you think it is an unconvincing viewpoint; and a c) conclusion in which you restate your opinion using different words.Introduction Wikipedia Paragraph 1 state the topic and your opinion clearly Main Body Paragraph 2 viewpoint 1 & reason, example Paragraph 3 viewpoint 2 & reason, example Paragraph 4 viewpoint 3 & reason/ example* Paragraph 5 opposing viewpoint & reason/example* Conclusion Final paragraph summarise/restate opinion If you are still struggling with your opinion essays, get in touch with a professional essay writing service which will take care of your academic assignments.

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This second essay is a little less straightforward, so we’ll walk you through it here. The presentational essay is based on three sources.

The presentational essay tests how well you can draw information from Spanish-language sources, form an argument and write formally.

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First, you’ll have six minutes to read the prompt and the two written sources, and then you’ll hear the audio source twice.

Finally, you’ll have 40 minutes to plan and write your essay.Do not forget to start each paragraph with a topic sentence which summarises what the paragraph is about.• Linking words and phrases should also be used to join one paragraph with the other.Here are some phrases that are especially useful when making and defending claims in a persuasive essay: must be conjugated in the indicative, while others require the subjunctive.A good rule of thumb is that when implying that something is certain, use the indicative.A successful opinion essay should have: a) an introductory paragraph in which you state the topic and your opinion.b) a main body which consists of several paragraphs, each presenting a separate viewpoint supported by reasons.The essay is graded on the basis of Spanish language skills like reading, listening, writing and grammar—but it’s also based on your general ability to analyze the sources and make a strong, coherent argument.In many ways, preparing for the free-response section is the same as preparing for the rest of the AP exam.You can also find some great info on great news outlets, podcasts, You Tube channels and blogs—all in Spanish.Even following some Spanish Twitter feeds or listening to Spanish music can be a great way to work a little language practice into your day.


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