Essay On Why I Want To Be A Cheerleader

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Academic excellence is often required for consideration, giving high-achieving student-athletes the best access to college funding.

Athletic ability is also paired with other individual attributes, like race, location and gender, opening doors to scholarship opportunities reserved for certain groups.

At games, greet the opposing squad with sincere friendliness. Everyone else will follow where and how you set the example.

Barbara Bean-Mellinger is an award-winning writer in the Washington, DC area.

You'll need several different methods and the patience to see which one works when.

You can't ask the rest of the team to be on time, in uniform, hair neatly done and smiles in place if you're late or disheveled. Always be early so you can greet the group on time.It's natural for disagreements to occur within any group.As captain, though, you can't be involved in petty squabbles between team members.She must recognize she is no longer one of the group; she's now the leader and must set the example for the rest to follow.She must be able to do that with patience and enthusiasm, without anger and frustration.High school extra-curricular activities, like sports, academic clubs, and cheerleading, provide opportunities for students to engage socially, and to learn collective behavior, accomplishing things in groups.But the long-term benefits of participation often go beyond a handful of good times – especially for stand-outs who excel in particular areas.Make sure you're dressed the way you've asked them to dress.Follow through on any tasks you agreed to do in your role, and let it be known that you expect others who agree to step up to lead an activity or bring items to practices or games that you expect them to follow through, too.Athletic scholarships do not require repayment, so promising athletes are encouraged to consult campus financial aid officials for information about currently funded scholarship programs for cheerleaders.Indiana Wesleyan University Indiana Wesleyan University offers scholarships for members of the school’s Red Cheer Team.


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