Essay On Tom And Jerry Cartoon

This cartoon is extremely inappropriate for children that are still at an age when they have trouble defining right from wrong.

The cause of the battle focuses on difference in thought and culture.

Children should learn to be verbal instead of physical when resolving their problems.

'Forty-six percent of all television violence takes place in children's cartoons.

' Its popularity has children flocking to stores to collect the Pokemon cards and games.

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While observing an episode of 'Pokemon', it is easy to see the main structure of the series, the capture and training of Pokemon strictly for the purpose of battle.

In analyzing the cartoons, 'Tom and Jerry,' 'The Lion King,' 'Gargoyles,' and 'Pokemon,' concerned people will see that the types of violence range from emotional abuse such as name calling, yelling, and put downs, to physical abuse such as bullying, pushing, punching, and kicking which is more violence than kids need to witness.

Many different cartoons influence young minds towards violence, and with this in mind, we will give a detailed look at our findings.

The plot of this cartoon is to stop Scar from taking over the kingdom.

Simba returns from running away after the death of his father, King Mufasa, to learn that his uncle has taken control of the kingdom.


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