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To do this, understanding, was said to be a process, a dynamic act, and four perspectives on this act, each showing one of the ways in which power is created have been presented.First, it was suggested that thought is the process of discriminating the field of feeling.

There were more than 200 faculty members and students present, despite the vacation.

In China there is increasing interest in liberal education, while here in the United States there is plenty of pressure on liberal learning from people who want our education system to have a more direct connection to the workplace.

You should discover what you are going to do through education – not sign up to be trained in a vocation before you know who you might be and what you might be able to accomplish. But, Jefferson wrote to Adams, "ours will be the follies of enthusiasm" and not of bigotry.

I pointed out, as you might expect, the enormous inconsistency in Jefferson’s thinking.

I structured the talk using the concepts: Liberate, Animate, Cooperate, Instigate/Innovate. With "Liberate," I talked about Jefferson’s ideas about education that led to the founding the University of Virginia.

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Jefferson was a man of the Enlightenment, and he thought that education would liberate us from what Kant had called "self-imposed immaturity." He was determined that students not have to choose their specific course of learning at the very start of their studies.Indeed, it is open to question whether there are any other separate powers.Someone may want to mention the power of human love, but a moment of reflection should show that all we consider of most value in human love is an expression of the powers of which we have spoken.They seem to think that an education for "the whole person" is just too soft in this hypercompetitive technology-driven age.These folks want a more routinized, efficient and specialized education to train students for jobs. In the States, I spend a fair amount of time trying to show that this call for more efficient, specialized education is a self-defeating path to conformity and inflexibility – just the kinds of traits that will doom one to irrelevance in the contemporary culture and society.It is not easy to summarize what has been suggested in this essay.But in greatly simplified terms, something like this may serve.Perhaps in the discussions after the talk I would learn about whether there were elements from Chinese traditions that would resonate with our history, and that would have lessons for our contemporary situation.My translator, the excellent Liu Boyun was ready to leap in every few sentences, a daunting prospect given that I didn’t have a text to read but was going to "talk through" some key ideas in American intellectual history.Just before the semester began I traveled to Beijing to deliver a lecture entitled "Why Liberal Education Matters" at the Institute for Humanistic Studies at Peking University. It was intersession there, and I was told that there might be a dozen faculty and graduate students in attendance.Imagine my surprise when I entered a packed lecture hall.


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