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Five years after the famine began, Lord Hosidius IV met with the Lords of the other four Houses, coming to an agreement that half of each House's lands be granted to the Hosidius House in order to grow more crops to stop the famine.The next day, he wrote a letter to the Council of Elders to, once more, grant this request as he had already done so multiple times before.After the rule of Lord Arceuus I, the cycle would repeat and the Hosidius House would have their lord rule Great Kourend.

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Meanwhile, the most important texts were stored in the Library Historical Archive, a repurposed chamber of the Tower of Magic, for further study and additional protection.

On 1,748 - 7 (1,340 years ago), a master Lovakengj smith named Dinh creates a plan to defeat the Winter Beast.

The Council of Elders was disbanded during the 1st decade (1,410 years ago) after the lords of the five Houses (Ethrain Hosidius, Seabry Shayzien, Ret Piscarilius, Solange Lovakengj and Bourath Arceuus) wrote the Royal Accord of Twill, a document which detailed the transition of authority from the Council of Elders to the Lords of the five Houses.

The document detailed the rotation of succession between the Lords of the five Houses, with one House lord becoming the Grand Lord of Kourend for one decade, and passing the office to the next House lord.

With Lord Lovakengj II approving of the plans, the prison's construction was completed 800 days later, with known casualties of sixteen Order members and two scouts.

On 2,548 - 7, after five decades, the Winter Beast was successfully imprisoned and sealed behind the Doors of Dinh, with Lord Lovakengj II declaring the day as Winter's End.The Winter Beast continued to ravage the lands up north for another three decades, with Kourend's attempts to subdue it unsuccessful.On 1,778 - 5 (1,360 years ago), fearing the Winter Beast may eventually ravage Great Kourend, Lord Arceuus I ordered the construction of the Arceuus House Library, filled with texts, documents and research from all houses, in order to preserve the history of Great Kourend.Players can travel to Great Kourend by speaking to Veos in Port Sarim in the northenmost dock.They can then choose to travel to the Piscarilius House, the easternmost district of the kindgom, or Land's End, the south-western docks near the Kourend Woodland.In order to utilise teleports that take the player to the kingdom, players must have travelled to Great Kourend via Veos at least once.The following section uses date conventions different from conventional formats.Most of Kourend's history before the uniting of the five Houses remains largely unknown, as most of Kourend's early history was lost during Xeric's reign during the 38th to 47th decades (1,030 years ago) Sometime during 6th BA (1,470 years ago), the Tower of Magic was constructed under the rule of King Rada III.The Tower has many powerful enchantments and traps, with many rooms and levels hidden from sight.For convenience, dates in this section will be followed by a conversion of the amount of years that has passed since an event.Decades with BA, short for "Before Accord", following them refers to the time before the Accord was signed.


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