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A prejudicial belief that seniors are slow, sick, or uninterested in learning new things can lead to discrimination.For example, a person charged with hiring at a company that prizes innovation may refuse to hire older workers.This segregation can reinforce and promote racist attitudes because people are more likely to prejudge people with whom they have little experience.

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A person’s prejudices might not even be internally consistent.

For instance, a person might believe both that men are inherently unemotional and prone to emotional angry outbursts.

Moreover, it’s important to note that discrimination manifests in many forms.

While legal segregation has ended, segregation remains a problem.

Prejudice is a prejudgment based on inadequate knowledge. For instance, a person meeting a female child for the first time might assume she likes princesses or the color pink. A person doesn’t have to realize they’re being prejudiced to prejudge others.

Prejudice is a complex problem that has led to wars, enslavement, abuse, murder, and untold suffering.Many groups have faced discrimination and oppression that stemmed from prejudicial beliefs.Some types of prejudice include: Prejudice does not necessarily cause discrimination, but is almost always a factor.In mental health and other health care settings, prejudice can undermine client care—even if the provider is unaware of their own prejudice.For example, research consistently shows that doctors are less likely to take women’s pain seriously.Research published in 2017, for instance, found that multicultural experiences could reduce cross-cultural prejudice.Prejudice is an attitude that can trigger abusive actions.A doctor might even think that someone who is in severe pain is an addict seeking painkillers.It’s possible to be prejudiced against many groups.Their prejudicial belief in seniors’ refusal to learn new things may even cause them to ignore evidence to the contrary in an applicant’s .When this attitude plays a role in many decisions, it can lead to systemic discrimination.


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