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Or I might be inclined to guide them up between the sentinel lions at the New York Public Library and into the great reading room. Maybe better, one would take them up close to a flat screen TV—high definition, surround sound, the works—and let our visitors view the images that have now become, if this is possible, more life-like than life. A few months after being hired as head football coach at the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh was profiled on the HBO magazine show Real Sports.

And you would point to the screen in joy and consternation and sometimes in dismay or something close to horror. It was a wildly entertaining segment, heavily slanted toward the intellection that Harbaugh is a lunatic. I think it’s the last bastion of hope for toughness in America in men, in males.” Immediately following the segment, the reporter (Andrea Kremer) sat down with host Bryant Gumbel to anecdotally unpack the story we’d all just watched.

If visitors from a galaxy far away landed in our precincts, landed in New York City, say, and asked us to show them (not tell, show them) what we were all about, how would we respond? ” , 2015 Klosterman’s essay about football discusses and dismisses the two prevailing theories about football—that it will die out, and that it will change dramatically—instead arguing that it’s actually violence, and the tendency of fans of a widely decried pleasure to close ranks, that will keep the sport around.

I’d be tempted to take them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the palace of Western culture. No, surely the best place to take them, if they wanted to see America, would be out to the Meadowlands to watch the Giants go to war with the Redskins, or take on the Dallas Cowboys, blue versus gray, the Civil War one more time. His argument is, in 2017, frighteningly familiar and relevant.

Football is a source of bringing happiness to my life. The continuous running required to stay in the match lubricates my mind and body. Those who have no resolution are unable to play it. Unawareness at any time may ruin the whole hard work. During the Football field, a player has to be quick. In limited football, time is given to players in which they have to score a goal for the victory.

It strengthens my power to look area where I can manoeuvre goal. This time management is beneficial in daily routine.

This is what happens when any populist, uncomfortable thought is expressed on television.

There’s an embedded assumption within all arguments regarding the doomed nature of football.

However, there is one game whose popularity is accruing by each passing day. Almost around the whole globe, this game has been watched and played. Quick decision making is vital thing behind a successful life.

When the twenty-two players come in the ground, it is not that twenty-two, it is two nations which those players are representing. It makes a man accustomed to each type of circumstances.


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