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Another powerful symbol or image in the movie is the genuine goodness of the black community.

The Maycomb black community is pictured in the movie as a group of simple, honest, and hardworking individuals who are barely eking out an existence but still manage to be happy.

[Read More] Referenced several times in the movie, the mockingbird is a symbol of harmlessness in that its only function is to make music for others.

It has no real enemies and should be except from harm.

The wholesomeness of the black community is contrasted with the poor whites in the Maycomb community who are depicted as being poor not because of their race but because of their inherent laziness and lack of ambition.

Their living conditions are deplorable; their dress is filthy; they are rude; and, they ignore and abuse their children.The topic of family is an interesting area to cover because it is a personal and private attempt of the writer to showcase feelings that he or she may not otherwise show in their own lives.Novels like To Kill a Mockingbird offer a glimpse into ideals or struggles of family for the author.Because many of the injustices that were depicted in the movie remain relevant even today, the movie still has staying power nearly fifty years after its initial release.In 1962, the movie stood as a reminder of the effects of racial ignorance and it remains as such.Although Atticus Finch is not a perfect man, he is ultimately a good father and a very good man. [Read More] Like other symbols of the civil rights movement such as the song "We shall overcome" and peaceful sit-ins, to Kill a Mockingbird quickly assumed a similar position.As the focus of the movie was on right and wrong, the director of this film, obert Mulligan, provided the American movie viewing public with a strong lesson in justice but he was also able, largely through the character of Atticus Finch, to demonstrate that humanity can still prevail even under difficult circumstances.Atticus Finch is the single, widowed father of Jeremy, nicknamed Jem, and Jean Louise, nicknamed Scout.Many people of the town of Maycomb, Alabama dislike the Finches because Atticus is educated, because of the way that Atticus is raising his children and also for his attitudes towards segregation and racial equality. Finch tries very hard to teach his children right from wrong, to let them live and make some of their own mistakes, and to raise them as intelligent human beings who judge men by the quality of the character, not the color of their skin.Yet, in spite of their poorness and depravity they still look down at the blacks and consider themselves superior to them.These whites consider themselves superior not because of the quality of their character but because of the color of their skin.


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