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Personally, I keep most of the things of my interest in my wallet, like ID card, pictures, credit cards, money of course and other important documents that I want with me wherever I go.Once a friend of mine lost his wallet with some very important things in it; he was so depressed and worried about his lost wallet. At that time I was making fun of him, that how he could be that much irresponsible to lose his wallet with such important things in it.

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If someone loses that portable safe of his, then he may be disturbed for the rest of that day because of that.

Without that wallet a person could be depressed or cranky for a while because maybe there is something in the wallet which is of great sentimental value.

All he was doing at that time was sitting silently and listening to what I was saying.

I was giving my own example that how I carry my stuff with me with responsibility.

All I was thinking that if I did not find my wallet then what I would lose.

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There was some money in it, few passes for a show I purchased the day before and some other important things in it. My sister found two Best buy cards while walking up and down the road on which my wallet flew off.

This might be true if the writer never comes back from the chase, getting lost in the rabbit hole.

Student Name Professor Name Course Name A wallet or a purse is a valuable item in which most of the people carry things that are more essential and important than money towards the daily life.

Along with other things in my wallet, there was also money, like every other person has in their wallet, and some important certificates. I drove there, carrying my wallet all the time and took it with me wherever I go, like I always do.

I never have been so irresponsible for anything in my life, not for my wallet at least, because I know how important things are stored in my wallet. Well, it is hard to keep the wallet right next to yourself all the times, if someone does not have pockets to put his wallet in.


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