Essay On Good Manners Maketh A Man

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Treating others the way you would like to be treated is the easiest rule to follow and encourages others to treat you in kind.

Even the most polite people in the world can occasionally say the wrong thing or make mistakes, but being kind, considerate, and generous on a daily basis shows true manners.

They can understand how it would feel to be new to the neighborhood or job, or what it's like to be the shortest person in the class or the shyest person at a party.

They react with understanding and with the kind of manners that matter because they come from the heart.

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Suspicion among women in turn breeds fear in men: if a chap has been made to feel a twit for leaping out of his seat on a bus he won’t offer again, even if faced with a wheezing octogenarian carrying four bags of shopping. The medieval knights who bequeathed us their code saw it as their duty to display respect for women at all times, and so should modern men – even if the looks they receive are withering.

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