Essay On Employee Discipline

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What the management has to do when the employee is at fault, is to take disciplinary action. Contents: Discipline refers to the presence of orderliness in any particular field of activity.It does not mean a strict and technical observance of rigid rules and regulations. This will help in creating congenial, co-operating and encouraging atmosphere in the organisation.Discipline should be directed against an act and not against the person.Discipline is said to be good when employees follow willingly the rules of their supervisors and the various rules of the company.Discipline is said to be bad when employees either follow rules and regulations unwillingly or actually disobey them. The fundamental reason for taking disciplinary action is to correct situations that are unfavourable to the company. When disciplinary problems arise, it may be as much management’s fault as the workers.Many disciplinary problems grow out of management’s failure to inform employees what is expected of them.An employee should be disciplined because of what he did, not who he is and never because of race, colour, gender or anything else.Some factors to consider in making this determination are: Past Record What is the employee like?Read this essay to learn about Discipline in an Organisation. In his words, “Discipline in the broad sense means orderliness—the opposite of confusion. The observance of discipline should become a part of habit among employees. He does not stress on the rigidity of observing rules and regulations but their compliance in some orderly way. To develop a spirit of understanding and tolerance among employees.


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