Essay On Behaviour In Class

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Therefore in accordance with the previous example of the student, Julie, who is late to class on several occasions, it is her responsibility to be respectful and be on time.

This is especially important as she collaborated with her peers and teachers to form this rule.

The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program, a teaching and training organization for professional educators, cites numerous studies on its website that suggest students with poor classroom behavior often struggle with academic skills.

Behavior academic outcomes refer to the changes that student actions can have on the ability to maintain good performance in the classroom.

Teacher must explicitly define desired behaviours, clearly communicate the rules, limits and procedure in the classroom and enforce them consistently.

Essay On Behaviour In Class

The theoretical disciplinary perspectives for classroom management include the teacher-directed, teacher-student directed and the student-directed approaches.I feel it is the teacher's duty to develop fair rules, procedures and conduct in their classroom.The management strategies need to be made clear and be positively enforced through consistency and reasonable consequences.The setting of productive rules and the enforcing of acceptable behaviour are a preventative strategy in education.In the teacher-directed approach to classroom management, the teacher is present as an authoritative figure, who assumes primary responsibility for the development of rules and conduct in their class."The benefits of social-problem-solving class meetings is that it teaches students that they have a responsibility to the teacher.If a teacher attends class, the student also has a responsibility to attend class unless excused by the teacher" (Glasser, 1969, p.201) There have been clear parameters set around the issues of being late to class.The teacher could develop logical consequences for the student by keeping them back the same amount of time they were late.Glasser's 'Choice Theory' allows students to suggest ways to make school more meaningful and to formulate appropriate rules for classroom use (Edwards, 2008, p. Conclusion Contrary to this, Canter's approach uses rules and discipline techniques, developed by the assertive teacher to manage the class.When it comes to motivational strategies that can help students maintain better behavior, offering rewards is a useful tool.According to Successful, teachers can impact student motivation and make improvements to the situation.


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