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Thromboxane A2 causes activation and aggregation of platelets, which is an early step in thrombosis. Aspirin has also been successfully used topically - on the skin - to relieve the pain of shingles.

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The drug blocks a platelet enzyme, cyclo-oxygenase, by acetylating the enzyme's active site. Sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride may cause severe burns. It is now being given as infusions of lysine-acetylsalicylic acid (lysine-aspirin) around the spinal cord ("intrathecally") to patients with intractable cancer pain and severe back pain.

Inhibition of the enzyme blocks production of an important prothrombotic agent known as thromboxane A2. In the first study, in 1983 (Devogel et al) a single dose gave relief to 34 patients for between 2 and 27 days (mean 6 days): a second study in 1987 confirmed this benefit in 60 cancer patients (Pellerin).

Ok, that's an exaggeration, but you know where I'm coming from.

So, perhaps then, it's not too shocking to hear that aspirin has also been touted as a way to prevent deep vein thrombosis. But first, it's important we understand what deep vein thrombosis is, what causes it, and what aspirin is to see if these two work well together.

So, people who have headaches, muscle pain, or even arthritis may take an aspirin.

Other people may have been told to take an aspirin to reduce the risk of a stroke or a heart attack.

In some cases, a pulmonary embolism can lead to death. DVT can be caused by many things, including clotting disorders of the body where the blood clots too easily; injury to the deep veins of the body, such as from an accident or surgery; or even general lack of mobility, such as when a person sits for too long during an airplane ride.

Briefly, let's turn our attention to acetylsalicylic acid, otherwise just called aspirin.

Deep vein (venous) thrombosis (DVT) is a condition where a thrombus, a blood clot, develops in the deep vein(s) of the body.

While these blood clots can technically develop in just about any deep vein of the body, they generally tend to occur in the deep veins of the leg.


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