Essay-Grading Software Offers Professors A Break

Essay-Grading Software Offers Professors A Break-40
The student usually knows that one of these is right and one is wrong, but has chosen not to address this problem.In this case, my feedback needs to be different, and I remind them of the value and importance of polish and proofreading, how when we aren’t sure of something, we are obligated to look it up, rather than wing it.

The student usually knows that one of these is right and one is wrong, but has chosen not to address this problem.In this case, my feedback needs to be different, and I remind them of the value and importance of polish and proofreading, how when we aren’t sure of something, we are obligated to look it up, rather than wing it.

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I guess I figured they’d see my corrections and do it “right” the next time. Like most who stick with the teaching writing game, I eventually realized that my task was not to correct, or even to grade, but to provide feedback, feedback that would allow the students to tackle the next assignment in an improved state of readiness.

I don’t remember quite when this (in hindsight, rather obvious) epiphany kicked in, but it instantly made responding to student writing much more complicated[3].

Do they have some deeper issue at the sentence writing level that is clouding their meaning? Are they losing awareness of the specific needs, attitudes, and knowledge of their audience? ” A student whose skills are not as developed and has made the error because they're not sure of the rule may need more detailed instruction on the nature of the error and guidance on where to find additional help in learning those rules.

Are they clinging to old modes like the five-paragraph essay? In addition to the above, I’m trying to prioritize which issues to address and which to let go, as research shows that too much feedback can overwhelm the student and leave them paralyzed as to what they should attend to going forward.

It is like a basketball team that is aware of the fundamentals, but refuses to put them to work in the games.

If I am grading well, upon finishing an essay, it feels like I’m emerging from a period of very deep concentration, where the world has been temporarily shut out.I am trying to hold onto a dozen different things simultaneously as I read.I am not just trying to inform them of principles of good writing, but to induce them to adopt sound writing practices.Are they not reading the source material carefully? The same error committed by two different students may require a different response.Are they settling for conveying the “gist” when the “gist” won’t do? A student who is highly proficient at writing, but makes a “careless” error (like subject/verb agreement), may need a (loving), kick in the butt like “You didn’t read this out loud to yourself, did you?Anyway, I find it difficult[1] and because of this difficulty, my success at the act is limited[2]. I’ve graded thousands of student essays at this point. In graduate school, in my first encounter with student writing, I thought my job was to correct errors, leaving my students’ blue books laced with red marks.I didn’t really consider what would happen once I returned these documents.It’s possible that this is because they just don’t know the rule or are mistaken about the rule.In this case I can either tell them the rule, or, more likely, tell them to look it up. What if I notice that further down the essay the student has formatted an article title correctly? This is not a failure of knowledge, but something more important, a failure of process.My feedback must be as cognizant of process as it is of product.I can drill them writing tight and clear sentences, but without an underlying process that causes them to believe in the value of communicating clearly, those drills become meaningless.


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