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The best rubrics are written by instructors themselves for their own particular assignments.The models offered here can provide inspiration in creating rubrics that fit your own teaching objectives.

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a significant amount of independent, scholarly research was undertaken the majority of sources are from peer-reviewed publications, those that aren’t are used as primary research only.

A rubric is simply an evaluative measurement system or scheme.

It also saved the professor from the tedium of repeatedly making many of the same corrections, writing long explanations of what had been thought to be readily apparent, or being so bogged down in addressing mechanical errors that conceptualizations were sidelined.” (p.

7) Developing a rubric may be time consuming, especially the first time.

Category Descriptions are general, representing the major elements you are looking for in the students’ work, such as Critical Thinking, Structure and Logical Argumentation, Background Research, Originality and Creativity, etc.

For each category, you will also need to define what you are looking for within every increment of the Weighting Criteria.As an example, using the categories noted above, you have decided that the weighting scale for the assignment is 5 points for each category, so your scale results in a matrix looking like this: Within this rubric, you will need to describe each category, along with defining the weighting within each category.For instance, you might describe your category as follows: Background Research involves the ability to uncover, analyse and synthesize the breadth and depth of the topic through the use of contemporary text and journal literature, beyond the readings assigned for the course.While every effort is taken to make grading as transparent as possible in order to give students the most opportunity to excel, a degree of subjectivity is inherent in the process.If you feel that you have met the criteria for a higher grade, by all means discuss this with your professor but be prepared to listen and learn from their explanation.Rubrics can be used anywhere evaluation is required, such as staff performance, interviewing job applicants, designing a survey, rating the safety of products and, in academia, assessing student work.Rubrics can enhance the consistency, transparency, and fairness for assessing all sorts of student work, including exams, papers, projects, posters, group work, oral presentations, lab reports, pop quizzes, class participation, etc.The rubric guides how the student’s work will be assessed, and indicates the weight that will be given to the various elements of the work.All instructors have used a grading rubric whether they realize it or not.Sharing the rubric for a particular type of work with the students when giving an assessment can be very useful, both for the students and the instructor.It is also a very good idea to share the rubric with any Teaching Assistants for the course, thus enabling them to see what the instructor wants the students to achieve in their work and helping to maintain consistent grading from all the TAs.


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