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You are likely to feel overwhelmed and overloaded with details and ideas that do not seem connected.

Such feelings will likely contribute to a broader sense of anxiety and dread about the exam.

In sum, the reasons for failure or poor grades can often be traced to the absence or break-down of a productive approach to learning.

Providing you aren't willing to be satisfied with moderate understanding and moderate grades, then you will probably be looking for ways to overcome these concerns.

You may feel that even with all you are doing there must be something more -- or different-- you could be doing to get better grades.

We have all at some time or other heard of that student who only studies a couple of hours for final exams and scores A's every time.Hint: You don't have to answer questions in the order in which they appear in the exam paper. This essay will argue that although these differences exist in approaches, the practices of liberal and socialist feminism have become very similar". If you feel you are losing the plot, go back and reread the question and your introduction. Start with the easiest one first and do the hardest last. and the third main area of difference lies in the . The Body of your essay should include: Make sure you structure the body of the essay as you indicated in your introduction. In your Conclusion, re-answer the question and refer briefly to the main points in the body. For example: "In conclusion, it is clear that although liberal and socialist feminism originally held differing views on how to attain their goals, a realistic assessment now shows that their practice has become very similar. We stand in awe of those who seem to breeze through without undue effort and seem to need very little in the way of studying to nail an exam.The reasons for success, in what I think are the vast majority of cases, are less esoteric than many students think: successful students consistently apply a series of productive strategies with view to attaining clearly identified learning and grade goals throughout the academic term." You could begin your essay with: "The goals of liberal and socialist feminism differ in three main ways . ."This approach makes sure you answer the question, and makes the exam easier to mark. It should follow basic essay structure and include: An introduction should explicitly state your answer and the organisation of the essay. Getting set to study can sometimes be a matter of realizing if you don't get started right away and use whatever time remains you may well end up failing the exam.For the next few days you frantically compile and study your notes until you feel you have a grasp on the information, undertaking intense study sessions only to feel frustrated at your results later on. The strategy of cramming at the last minute often fails because you have to assimilate and integrate vast quantities of information in too short a period of time.Some other reasons that students experience difficulties preparing for exams are related to constraints on time, lack of preparation of appropriate kinds, and a misplaced focus on the course material.In some cases students have difficulty developing an adequate understanding of the theoretical perspectives of the course or the course concepts and applying this understanding of one part of the course to another.


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