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In settings where people tend to work alone, people who possess high emotional intelligence may actually perform at a lower level than the average worker because they may be overly concerned about the emotions of other people.In certain environments, employees with high emotional intelligence may be better able to cooperate with others, manage work-related stress, solve conflicts that may arise within workplace relationships, and learn from previous interpersonal mistakes.

The ability to build mutual trust and respect can become especially important if an unpopular decision is made within the business setting, but the managers need to keep their teams working efficiently.

Like all other types of relationships, work relationships may experience problems sooner or later.

Though emotional intelligence may not be necessary for every type of job, it can be a vital trait for most people in leadership positions.

To be effective leaders in the workplace, managers, supervisors, and other authority figures must be able to function productively with people under their charge.

A number of theories have emerged to explain the concept of emotional intelligence.

Salovey and Mayer developed the ability model, which emphasizes a person’s capacity to understand and use emotional information in social contexts.

A good leader is able to create the type of work environment where each person feels relevant and motivated to succeed.

Leaders with high emotional intelligence are able to use their social skills to foster rapport and trust with their employees.

Leaders who are eager to hone specific aspects of their emotional intelligence may utilize self-help publications or seek the support of a qualified counselor, therapist, or coach. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

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